Football accumulators can mean big money. Put on a bet of a pound or two and you can see yourself getting back hundreds with the right combination of results. Here are a few football accumulator tips that should point you in the right direction.


Don’t add in solid teams with short odds – adding in a few more safe teams that you are pretty sure will win because of their short odds to try and add just a little bit more value in there and pump up your accumulated winnings just isn’t worth it. You’re already getting a very high return and sometimes these teams can lose you the bet for only a small bit of extra value. In short, it’s not worth it.

Don’t work out your winnings before placing a bet – this is what makes you put on that little bit extra money to bump up the winnings past a certain amount. The chances of winning on a football accumulator are slim and you need to remember this – don’t waste any extra money on them, it all adds up! Unfortunately websites tell you your potential winnings automatically these days but try and cover them up by making your browser window smaller.

Don’t bet on the team you support – if you support a team, you’re more likely to be biased. However, if you simply follow a team to try and find value, this is an excellent team to include in your football accumulator.

Look at a team’s fan forum – the fans always know what’s going on with their club, and having a poke around the club’s forum will give you an idea of what’s going on with the team. Maybe this match a player is returning from injury and that player is going to significantly boost the team upfront – the fans will be discussing this on the forum. Watch out though; they may be biased!

Check out The Football Forum – a thread on this forum is created for every single match in the main 4 English leagues. On here you can find excellent discussions about teams to help you research punts.

Check the BBC Football website – the BBC website offers all the facts and figures you’ll need to analyse a team, and they offer it very briefly. The information will never be in more than 3 paragraphs which make for easy reading.

Keep a record of each accumulator you take – this way you’ll know which teams have let you down in the past, and which have performed as you expected. You can then alter future football accumulators to take note of this.

Finally, don’t limit your bookmakers – check the prices across as many bookmakers as possible for the best priced football accumulator. Even a small difference in the right place on an accumulator can be leveraged to provide a much larger return. You need to squeeze the value out of the accumulators!